McEldowney Academic

Scholarship Fund

Board of Trustees


Eileen McEldowney, Chairperson
Michael McDonough, 
Donald McDonough, 
Vice President
Michele Baker,
Brittany Hatch,
Financial Secretary
Sandra Pritts,


Jodi Baum
Michael Byrne
Tim Cassidy

Heather Diehl
Rick Lambert

Colleen McEldowney

Rick McEldowney
Scott McEldowney
Lynne McDonough

Pat Trexler

The McEldowney Academic Scholarship Fund was formed in 2004, after Mac’s passing. Family and friends formed a scholarship fund with a strong desire to honor Mac’s place in our community and in our hearts. We felt he touched so many lives, his life needed to be remembered.

The first year began as a small event to raise money for a few local high school students, but with its great success has grown into much more, aiding many high school students in all nine Blair County high schools.

As members of the McEldowney Academic Scholarship Fund, we encourage our friends in the community to join us in this opportunity to aid our youth in their dreams of a higher education.